Mix music and sound with greater speed and ease

With Artist Mix, you get eight high-quality faders, knobs, transport controls, and dedicated switches that provide precision control over your favorite EUCON-enabled audio and video applications. Get fast access to a variety of software functions right from the surface—with excellent visual feedback—all in a compact footprint that fits perfectly between your keyboard and screen.

Plus, you can pair it with the Pro Tools | Dock to get intelligent studio control in a portable, ergonomic, and affordable surface.

Working together with your iPad, you get the quick touchscreen access and tactile precision control you need to navigate and control music and post projects faster using Pro Tools, as well as other popular DAWs. And when paired with Artist Mix, you gain new time-saving touch workflows and custom control. Mixing deadlines have finally met their match.

For a limited time, save over 15% when you buy Artist Mix with the Pro Tools | Dock. Ask your reseller for more details.

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