More content is being produced today with fewer resources than ever before. To win the ratings war, you need a way to stand apart from today’s heavy competition while retaining and growing an audience across the platforms they choose to view.

Avid’s studio solutions enable you to boost your operational and economic efficiency, production quality, and brand reputation across multiple platforms, while maximizing and protecting the value of your prized media.

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Read the latest on Avid’s graphics workflows for sports and news



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Motion Path—advancing real-time 3D graphics, one project at a time

Meeting the challenge

Take your studio production to another level with our dynamic solutions.

  • Stand apart from the competition with stunning, high-res graphics and video displayed across your studio
  • Keep viewers engaged and enlightened by enabling your talent to direct content across multiple screens 
  • Produce superior content by augmenting your show with tickers, coming-up-next promos, lower-third graphics, and text crawls 
  • Reclaim disconnected viewers by integrating their social media posts alongside programming
  • Stay within budget while keeping things fresh by turning your studio into a malleable, richly textured 3D-tracked environment
  • Unshackle your movement capabilities by integrating flexible camera tracking solutions
  • Keep on the cutting edge by creating animated, virtual 3D graphics with which on-air talent can interact 
  • Expand the concept of the studio by mapping graphics and video onto indoor and outdoor elements, including on buildings, along roadways, and more

Integrated hardware & software

Asset Management

Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media

Augmented Reality

Design and production tools for generating in-studio 3D virtual objects

Broadcast Graphics

Comprehensive tools to create and enhance on-air and in-studio presentations

Channel Branding/Playout

Solutions that simplify the creation and playout of broadcast branding elements

Video Wall Control

High-resolution systems for controlling and displaying graphics and video in the studio

Virtual Studio

3D design and production tools for generating virtual studio environments


Maestro | Channel in a Box Bundles)

Bring real-time graphics and video playout to your production with cost-effective bundles

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Maestro | Designer Bundles for Creative Teams)

Equip and expand your design department with one of two Maestro | Designer bundles

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Maestro | News Graphics Suite Bundles)

Boost viewer engagement and your production value with cost-effective bundles

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Maestro | TD Control Studio Display Bundles)

Control and manage high-res video wall content with cost-effective bundles

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Webinar: Advanced Video Wall Management with TD Control

Manage studio video walls, maximize resources, and enrich broadcasts with engaging content

Studio Production Blogs

Read case studies and product updates from our blogs

Graphics for News and Sports Blogs

Read about Avid’s graphics workflows for sports and news


Avid Graphics Solutions Boosts betevé’s Audience Engagement with Compelling Visual Content

Avid’s technology allows us to tackle branding and consistency with graphics, and in this competitive and evolving industry, the right broadcast solutions can take your channel to the next level. When we evaluate the investment we have made, we could not be happier with the outcome.

Jordi Colom, Technical Manager at betevé

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Canada’s Global News Revolutionizes its Storytelling with Avid Graphics and Virtual Sets

We use our system every day and in every market, for hundreds of hours of news a week. It’s enabled us to not only virtualize the studio but also our production workflow. Most of our stations don’t even have local control rooms.


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Avid Graphics Enhance TV3 Election Coverage

The groundbreaking aspect of this broadcast was the use of dual chroma keying within the HDVG+ render engine. We were able to project the results onto the parliamentary chamber, seat by seat, automatically updating the seat colours updated as the count progressed.

Pauli Subirà, head of production, TV3

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